Management Information System

Precision Tube Bending employs a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system streamlining information flow and coordination across all business functions.  All order information flows automatically from sales, purchasing, inventory, production and shipping functions accelerating the fulfillment process.  Scheduling, planning and shop floor reporting ensure full business intelligence and immediate drill-down capabilities to specific details.  Bar coding of all inventory and labor transactions supply real-time part tracking information.

Our Customer Relationship Management system is robust adding additional value to customer relationships and correspondence.  A full time IT staff constantly monitors, upgrades, and improves system performance and reliability.

  • Government approved and audited tool accounting system .
  • Secure system data link and approval to handle and store all secret and secure electronic data and drawings.
  • Secure document control, limited access and revision control.
  • Customer integration with customer web portal and Min-max delivery capability.