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Aircraft Tube Bending

Put our 57 Years of Aircraft Tube Bending Experience to Work for you!

  • Thin Wall Tube Bending  eg.  3 ½” O.D.  .012” Wall
  • Tight Radius 1D (1 Diameter)  Tube Bends ….. and less!
  • Large Diameter Tube Bends to 10 inch Diameter….and more!
  • Small Diameter Tube Bends from 1/32” Diameter
  • Tube in a Tube Bends and Assembly
  • Complex Tube Fabrication

PTB has experience with Aircraft tube fabrication applications that include:

  • Bleed Air Duct forming & welding
  • ECS (Environmental Control System) Ducts
  • UAV Fuel and Hydraulic Lines
  • Rocket & Satellite LOX, LH2, LN2, Hydrazine and other specialty components
  • Manifolds and Heat Exchangers
  • Power Thermal Management System (PTMS) components
  • On-Board Inert Gas Generation System (OBIGGS) components
  • On-Board Breathing Oxygen Generation System components